About Chicago Speech Spot

img Combining tradition & Innovation
Chicago Speech Spot provides in-home speech and language therapy services to children of all ages in the Chicago land area. We offer resources, consultations, evaluations, and individualized treatment sessions to help your child reach his/her full potential. Through a combination of traditional therapy approaches and new innovative techniques, our approach to therapy is truly unique. Our therapists use the newest and most engaging iPad apps in order to target treatment goals, promote carryover and intrinsically motivate the children we work with. We have access to and experience with the most current technology and incorporate social media tools to educate and connect with our families. At Chicago Speech Spot, we have developed Video Treatment Notes (VTNs) to help our clients and parents review what was practiced in the treatment sessions and understand home programs to be completed between sessions.

What we can offer

  • Groups
  • We offer a variety of specialized therapeutic groups. These groups will are designed to target specific speech and language skills while promoting social development.
  • Consultations
  • A complimentary consultation with one of our therapists is beneficial if you have concerns related to your child's speech and language skills. A consultation will determine whether or not a comprehensive evaluation is warranted.
  • School Observation
  • School observations may be requested by the parents or by the therapists. Speech therapy in the school is available upon request. Please inquire for more information.
  • Orton Gillingham
  • Orton Gillingham is an instructional approach to reading. It is primarily used with children who have difficulty with reading, spelling, and writing associated with dyslexia. Orton Gillingham is a language-based, multi-sensory, systematic and highly structured approach to reading.


"When my youngest son was referred for speech therapy, I must admit I was a bit skeptical. From the start, however, I could tell that Tanya was just a really special therapist. She was warm and nurturing and worked very patiently with my son to build and develop a rapport. I couldn't believe how much he looked forward to coming because Tanya made the therapy feel like play. She created a fun and safe environment for him and because of that, she was able to really work with him to get results. I think one of the things that sets Tanya apart from other therapists, is not only her innate ability to connect with children, but also her skill in communicating with parents. Tanya gave clear and concrete ways for me to work with my son at home and was excellent about checking in with me after each session. My son really benefitted from the early intervention that he received from Tanya. She is a fabulous therapist and also just a lovely person!" -Amy V.
"At approximately 2 years old, I noticed my son's speech wasn't exactly where I thought it should be…I asked my son's teacher about starting speech therapy, and she recommended Tanya… Tanya has been absolutely incredible…When she first began working with us, my son was using a lot of "jargon" (speech we couldn't understand)…he also wasn't using as many words or putting together sentences like the average 2 year old…Throughout the past few months, we've seen such a dramatic change in my son's speech…He no longer uses "jargon"…and I believe he's completely caught up and exactly where he needs to be in regards to his speech…His communication is excellent! It's always a pleasure to see Tanya's smiling face each week…She is extremely patient and kind, and her passion for helping children is evident…My son looks forward to seeing her every week, and talks about her all the time…Tanya makes their time together fun and engaging…He views each session as 45 minutes to play with his friend! I'm so grateful to have met Tanya…she's positively the best…" -Becky S.